Storm King​/​Necrolysis split

by Storm King

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Limited edition of 500 copies. Out-of-print.


released December 2, 2008

Tracks 1-3 written and performed by Storm King
Produced by Storm King & Dave Piatek
Recorded in Tom D's dining room by Dave Piatek
Layout concepts and stick figure thumbnails by Scott Massie
Designs, cover art and actual talent by Mark Bogacki

Scott Massie - Vocals
Andy Kichi - Guitar
Adam Weston - Guitar
Mark Bogacki - Bass
Tom D'Andrea - Drums

IV:007 - the Innervenus Music Collective
P.O. Box 81213 | Pittsburgh, PA 15217 | USA



all rights reserved


Storm King Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Est. 2006. PGH, PA.

Progressive death & thrashtastic doom-core.

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Track Name: Keeper of Shadows
All systems down
It’s out of control. It’s out of our hands
No keeper to take the toll
Tax the mind. Tax the soul
A tax to protect you from crime
Defender of truth. Untouched by time
Freedoms to the youth
Breaking away. Break loose
Take charge of our own fate

Flesh rips. Blood drips. Death grips
Nothing can save us from this
We stray. Decay
Casting salvation away
And now it seems
You can throw away your dreams
Just so you know
How all this hatred grows

Suspended in a dream
From everything we’ve seen
Screen savers fill my eyes
Everything has died
The acid wave comes down
Crushing vision and sound
I have landed. Take me home

Things you don’t want to know
Held by the keeper of shadows
Time withered memory
The storm of victory
Patches of blue sky
Veiled by uncertainty
Fixed and gray and dead
Is what she's whispering
Track Name: The Crippler
You don’t want to play hate with me
It’s a game I always win
If you’re gonna claim enemy
You better never show your face again
Don’t come around out of conscience or need
Because Buddha’s on vacation
I don’t forget. I don’t forgive
Malice and vengeance are words that I live by

Too many times you crossed the line
When one time was too many
I was a fool for trusting you
But now I’m armed and ready
Too many times from trust been slain
My goodwill’s been devoured
I’ll even let you name the place
‘cause it’s your final hour

The tension
The static
The sky is electric
The burning sensation
Of cracking your fucking skull

Give me something I can use
How about a dose of truth
Make it good so I believe
I know how good you can deceive
Play it cool and so smooth
Like you’ve got nothing to hide or lose
The surface is clean but underneath
You’re just like the others, one of the thieves

Track Name: Lack Luster
Harboring resentment for so long
I forgot what it’s for

Harboring failure

Tired and over played
Swallowing this hand grenade
In full color
But so lack luster

It’s hard to be positive when
All of your failures
Put themselves out there
In front of your saviors

This is so old
Bitter and cold
In full color
But so lack luster

Harboring resentment for so long
I forgot what it’s for

Harboring failure

So tired of living in the same tortured life time
So tired of living inside of your disease
Can’t break the cycle. Can’t break the routine
Somebody kill me. Somebody please

What am I supposed to live up to?
Why am I letting you down again?
Can’t break the cycle. Can’t break the routine
Somebody kill me. Somebody please…

Failure x8